There is not a lot to add to whatever has already been said. I agree with all in saying the student industry day was excellent and an absolute must for final year journalism students. Where were they all?

Every speaker on the day contributed some piece of advice which was useful. Firstly a tip or two from each of the Young Journalist’s Panel.

Michelle Crowther, Producer ABC Radio
“Half the time it’s your personality that gets you the job, you have to be likeable.”
“First couple of years is very hard but it gets easier …be willing to do lots of free work.”

Natasha Jobson, Breakfast News Presenter, Triple M/B105
“Difficult to break through sometimes but once you’ve got a full-time job you are right.”
“Most jobs are not advertised…no extra pay for different or horrible hours…don’t ring at the top of the hour for a radio station, no one will listen to you…keep up to date with current affairs…be passionate about work experience”.

Giordana Caputo, Project Worker, 4ZZZFM
“All about initiative…look at different ways to use your skills… there are different avenues in journalism….what are your passions?”

Laura Stead, Journalist, Quest Community Newspapers
“It’s all about being able to effect changes in people’s lives…shorthand is so important…start a contact book…never leave a resume and expect them to call you, you have to follow up”

Dan Koch, Journalist, The Australian
“Be honest with the people about what your story is about…keep in mind people will read what you write…editors don’t tolerate lateness…be protective of the work you hand in, don’t be afraid to take on the sub-editors…I got a job because I had over 1000 articles published”.

Elise Martin, Journalist, Quest Community Newspapers
“Write whatever you can, even if it is in school newsletters…..get to know your local paper editors…don’t apply for jobs in the paper, it won’t happen”.

Some further tips from JUST Super before hearing from the Freelancers Panel

Liz Johnston, Freelance Journalist (travel)
“Do what you love and the money will follow…be business like, need to have a tough hind…do your market research, you need to know who you are selling to….couldn’t do it if I had a mortgage…be a specialist in what you like, selling is an important skill….get a good bookkeeper and a good camera”.

Antony Funnell, Freelance Journalist
“Most people will reject you and rudely…be careful how you portray yourself, the dividing lines have become blurry between journalism and public relations (and even entertainment)….can be a big gamble….be always willing to say yes for everything, anytime…isn’t a lot of money in it… are a master of your own destiny…usually people who are successful have worked in the industry for a few years first”.

The day finished off with the Employers’ Panelist comments.

Cathie Schnitzerling, Brisbane News Director, Network Ten
“When you come in for your intern you need to dress as a TV reporter….be informed…read and watch everything…work out the important people in the organisation…don’t be a try-hard, pick your time best…listen, watch, observe, show initiative…always thank everyone…keep resumes brief…don’t be too proud of where you are sent…read biographies, being a good reader helps to become a good writer”.

Nadia Farha, Executive Producer, ABC News Online
“Must be passionate consumers of the news…we have kept lots of interns so work hard….there is a changing relationship with the audience, they want news on demand, online is the future…need to know the trends in society…important that your grammar is up to scratch”.

Shane Rodgers, Editor-in-Chief, Quest Community Newspapers
“Often you will get work through an internship, then casual stuff….interviewing has become almost obsolete….very good resumes are rare….must have publications…shorthand is very important….when you write you must add value to the words and get a special insight…dig deeper than words…be well read…have an understanding of why things are important and how it all fits into the world…cover letter is the most important, it shows if you can write concisely…need to show responsibility and work ethic.

And after all that all I can say is we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us!